On the last Thursday of June, Castle school embarked on our first library trip to Allestree library with our nurture class. We walked the short 20 minute journey to the library where we were met by an employee of the library who spoke to us about her love of reading and how useful reading can be. She took us on a tour around the library which enabled the students to know where different genres were, in order to choose their own books to take back to school.

Each class will be going to the library before the end of term and will have the opportunity to take 2 books out to be kept and read at school. However, each student going to the library has created a library membership and will be taking these cards home with them, so can use these to take out books in their own local library.

Our first group had a wonderful time and have enjoyed their books at school. We look forward to the rest of the visits with the other classes.